Dear friends, 

We urge you please donate as little as £2.00 pounds to feed the hungry children in Somalia.


Food Aid was originally set up by Harbajan Matharu over 15 years ago. It has been providing food for the most needy in England and around the world.


Today Food Aid is involved with feeding the poorest in Somalia. This report is from Pastor Washington who is working in Somalia today (October 2011).


This project has the backing of United Nations representative in Somalia.



Republic of Somalia (GDP – per capita: $600)

“Sixteen million people in eastern Africa are in need of emergency food aid and the threat of starvation is severe, according to FAO’s latest report on the Food Supply Situation and Crop Prospects in sub-Saharan Africa.


Pastor Washington writes,

Many thanks for your hard work and your sacrifice to feed the hungry in Somalia. I know this has been and will always be tough but we cannot ignore it. We cannot close our eyes and turn away from it. Since we preach

The food was organized and delivered at the camp. It was three bags of maize flour weighing 100kgs and another one bag weighing 80kgs. Thank you for buying them.

On Saturday alone we fed over 900 hungry children at the camp. Today being Sunday we've fed more than 1,000 hungry children from the two kitchens where the maize you bought are being used. Sir this is great work and we appreciate your kindness and true practice of faith in Christ our Lord because
GOD IS LOVE. I know it's tough on you but only the grace of God keeps you going because many organizations and individuals were not able to go this far. The price and sacrifice became too much for them.
Please plead with the brethren wherever they are to help these people because the need is great.

If offering one's life would have saved them from hunger and death then I would have given my own life for them, to spare them, especially the suffering children.

Sometimes we carry them in our arms and you feel like you're carrying bones without flesh. A look at the arms, the legs and ribs brings workers to tears. What you see on television is nothing. There are scenes they cannot show because they can take sleep from many eyes and even scare viewers. Humans would rather allow them to die than look at on television. They are skeletons who cannot move or talk, yet alive.

Let me end now by saying a BIG THANK YOU. Our Lord's own words shall have meaning when He shall say again,

"I was hungry and you gave me food. I was naked and you clothed Me."

The money can be put in the following bank account: (In any
Lloyds TSB Bank anywhere in UK).

Account Name:  Food Aid

Lloyds TSB Bank PLC

Kings Heath, Birmingham.

Sort code: 309474

Account number: 01974779.


Many thanks



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