Prayers to God

A prayer is simply coming into the presence of God and talking to him. We come to him as we are with all our sins and faults. Prayer is like a son / daughter talking to a very loving father. The loving father is God. God is always prepared to listen to us. Prayer is simply a journey with God. It begins at the point you pray to him and ask for his help in your life.

He leads and you follow him. The simplest form of prayer is a cry from the heart which shouts out aloud, “Please help me God”. God always answers to a cry which is from the heart.

A prayer can also help us in attaining God’s guidance in the most difficult phases of our life. This is when we are not sure of which direction our lives should take? Also, sometimes in our lives we lose faith in God and begin to assume that God doesn’t listen to our prayers. We might feel that no matter how many prayers we say, we are not able to get through to him or we might feel that God does not care about us and therefore he does not answer our prayers. We might also ask ourselves the question what is the right way to pray to God. One thing is for sure that we must always approach God with total reverence in our hearts for him.

At we have answers to some of these questions. like...

1) Who is God?

Do you want to know who God is? What is God like?
God is Love. God is Love cannot be questioned or doubted. It is the only certainty in this life.

2)Who is Jesus?

Who was Jesus? Why did he die on the Cross? Jesus is alive today and he can help you.

We offer you prayers written by Harbajan relating to everyday experiences. When reading these prayers you can begin to have a peace of mind and begin to build a relationship with God. More importantly, you can know that God Loves You and that God Cares for You. This alone will give you so much hope for the future. These prayers also bring a blessing and hope to those who read them.