Amazing Grace (how sweet the sound)That Saved a Wretch Like Me!

Amazing Grace is one of the all time favourite hymns. It is sung on almost every big occasion, Cup Finals, Weddings, Births and Funerals but I wonder how many people, who sing it really understand the meaning behind it.

The hymn Amazing Grace was written by John Newton. He understood the meaning of the words “Amazing Grace that saved a wretch like me”, because they described him.  

In the 17thcentury, John Newton was a captain of a slave ship for 20 years. During the slave trade years, many men, women, and children were brutally dragged out of Africa and forced onto the slave ships. The conditions in which they were forced to live in were squalid. They were chained and caged into boxes in which they could barely breathe.

Many women were raped and many thousands of slaves did not survive the voyage and died. They were completely dehumanised. These slaves did not have a voice or even a single human right. The slave trade was a violation of God’s commandment, “love your neighbour as yourself.”

John Newton himself said that he had, “blood on his hands.” The big question for John Newton was could God forgive a great sinner like him? The words Amazing Grace shows the depths to which God is willing to go to forgive each one of us. As far as God is concerned we are all great sinners but Jesus is a Great Saviour.

The nails that were driven into the hands and feet of Jesus to nail him and hold him to the cross should have driven into our hands and feet. He screamed with agonising pain when those nails were driven into his hands and feet. He took the pain that should have been ours. He was slain in our place. That is “Amazing Grace”. John Newton understood it.

John Newton could be forgiven because Jesus died in his place and took his punishment on the cross. John Newton put his trust in Jesus and found forgiveness.

Amazing Grace is a gift from God which is freely available to you and me regardless of the depths of our sins. God is able to save anyone who comes to him through Jesus—no matter what their sin is.

Dear Jesus,
I am a great sinner,
But you are a Great Saviour,
The nails that were driven into your hands and feet,
Should have been driven into my hands and feet,
The agonising pain you went through,
Should have be mine.
You are my true friend,
I put my trust in you.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 04-11-2011