God became a man

Isaiah Chapter 52 Verse 14:

“Many people were shocked when they saw him.

He was so disfigured that he hardly looked human”

It is quite incredible that God became a man.  God became a helpless little baby named Jesus – who we celebrate at Christmas.   This was so that God could fully understand what it meant to be a human being.   This amazing God did not want to be just a spectator looking down at his creation, but he wanted to fully participate in it.  Jesus was born as a baby and grew up into a man.  He went through every experience possible for a human being.   He was born homeless, he wept when his best friend died.  He was let down by his best friends when he needed them to be at his side.   He felt alone. 

Jesus is the only person who ever lived on this planet who never told a lie, and yet he suffered pain and agony.    

He knows what human pain and suffering are.   A crown of thorns was placed upon his head.  The thorns pierced into his head and the blood dripped down his face.  He was spat upon, mocked, slapped, and blindfolded.  All these things were done to him by the men that he had created.  

His face had become unrecognisable from the blows that he had received – he did not look like a human being, his face and his eyes had become swollen, he could not see properly.

Jesus was nailed to the cross and died.   He was only 33 years old.   He had died prematurely. 

The story did not end there.   He rose from the dead and is alive today.  

So why did Jesus suffer so much when he never told a lie? 

Jesus stood in your place and mine.  He took our shame and sin upon himself.   This is a unique God.   His name is Jesus!

Dear Jesus

You are my role model

You never told a lie

I thank you

 That you took

My sin and shame

Upon yourself

In Jesus Name


By Harbajan (Servant of Jesus) 02-04-2010