‘God is Love’

(From: 1 John, chapter 4, The Message)

I found myself asking the questions

‘What is the aim and purpose of life?’

‘What were we made for by God?’

and ‘What is there at the end of it all?’

I found the answer to be

…God is Love

We are called to love one another

regardless of colour, nationality or creed

We are called to be

Servants of Love

Because God is Love

Love is to make sacrifices for one another

To serve one another

To share in one another’s pain

And to share

in the suffering of humanity

Whatever colour, nationality or creed we are,

We have one thing in common

And that is

God is Love

This is the starting point

For us all…

‘Dear God

You are Love

I am a servant of Love

In Jesus Name


By Harbajan (Servant of Jesus) 02-04-2010