God is passionately in love with you…

“I’ll sell off the whole world to get you back”

From: ­The Message: Isaiah 43

Just think for a moment – that God is so passionately in love with you that he would sell the whole world that he has made to get you back to himself.  God is prepared to pay such a huge price for you that he is prepared to trade his creation for your return.

God has placed such a high value on you because you are the apple of his eyes.  He has eyes only for you.  He is excited about you and knows you by name.  You are in his thoughts day and night.  He knows every detail of your life and every sin which you have committed.  But despite all this – God is passionately in love with you.  And he is ready to trade his creation for your return!

Dear God
I do not understand
How you can love me so much
When you know everything about me

Yet you are prepared
To trade your creation
For my return

I do not understand
The depths of your love for me

I return
To the God
Who loves me
Just as I am

Please forgive
All my sins
Please hold me
In the palm of your hands

Never let me go

In Jesus Name

By Harbajan (Servant of Jesus) 02-04-2010