God is pleased with the man

God is pleased with the man
Who does not keep friendship with those who mock God
Or walks along side those who want to do wrong
Or laughs with those who ridicule others.
 But he delights to think about God day and night
 And on the things that
Please him.
And he will be like a tree that is near a river
That is healthy and produces all kinds of lovely fruits
At the right time  
And whose leaves never dry up.
But those who have no regard for God
They will soon disappear,
They will be like leaves that fall off the tree and are burnt.
One day those who have no regard for God
Will not stand with those who follow God
               God will watch over those who follow him
But this is not so for those who have no regard for him.
(The original Psalm 1 is found in the Bible)

         By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 21/05/2013