Grace, Grace, and More Grace.

St Paul.

The word Grace simply means God is in his sheer mercy forgives us our sins even though we don’t deserve to be forgiven. This is God’s favour to us. Paul was the man who completely understood the meaning of Grace. He was known as Saul before he became to be known as Paul. As Saul he persecuted the followers of Jesus. He had men, women and children dragged out of their homes and had them put into prison. He was also responsible for authorising the killings of many of the followers of Jesus. His aim was to wipe them out completely but he did not realise that he was fighting against God. He was on the road to Damascus to arrest those who believed in Jesus. When suddenly a light shone in his face and he was knocked off his horse.

A voice said, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”
Who are you Lord? Saul replied
“I am Jesus whom you persecute?”
The others with him did not hear this voice. At that point Saul’s life was completely changed.

He put his complete trust in Jesus and became his follower. His many sins had been forgiven. He knew that Grace meant God did not hold his past against him. From that point onwards his only desire in life was to preach the forgiveness of Jesus.
My dear friend the same forgiveness that was given to Paul is there for you today. Simply come to Jesus and tell him you are sorry for the wrongs you have done and put your complete trust in him. He will forgive you – no matter how bad you feel – at that point you will enter Grace. Remember Grace simply means that God does not hold your sins against you and he empowers you to live completely for him. (The story of St. Paul is found in the Bible Acts Chapter 9)

Dear Jesus,
I am sorry for all the wrong things I have done.
Please forgive me.
Thank you that you died in my place at the cross.
Thank you I have now entered Grace and you do not hold my sins against me. Please empower me now by your Holy Spirit to live completely for you.

By Harbajan (Servant of Jesus) 15-02-2011