In the beginning God…

A prayer for Healing

God was there in the beginning…God is there now… and God will be there at the end of time…. He is God and his supremacy and power cannot be questioned or challenged. At the beginning the earth was desolate, barren and covered in total darkness.

The spirit of God was hovering over the earth and God said, “Let there be light.” At his command in a split moment all the earth was covered with light and the darkness had disappeared.

Today, God can use the same power to heal you that he used to bring light to the earth. God has been there for you in the past… God is there for you at this very moment….. And God will be there for you at the end of your life….. My dear friend please put your trust in God.
Please recite the prayer below for daily healing.

Spirit of the living God,
                            Please hover over me throughout the day,
Please hover over my body, my mind and my soul,
Please heal all my physical and emotional pain,
Please heal all my disappointments and hurts,
Please hover over those parts of me that are barren and desolate, and
Please bring Life to them,
                   Please hover over me when I lie down to go to sleep,
And keep me safe.
I ask this in Jesus name

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 19-05-2012