Jesus a Friend of Sinners.

“Your Sins Are Forgiven”.
(Luke Chapter 9 Verse 48).

Jesus had been invited to a meal by a religious leader at his house. Jesus arrived and sat down when a woman who had lived a sinful life walked over to him.
She wept at the feet of Jesus and began to wash them with her tears. She then dried his feet with her hair. She then pulled out of her bag an expensive jar of perfume which she rubbed into his feet.
The religious leader who had invited Jesus for the meal thought to himself. If this man was a prophet he would know what kind of sinful life this woman has led and would not let her touch him. Jesus looked at the woman and said, “Your sins are many but they are forgiven.”
 said to the religious leader, “I want to tell you something, two men owed money to a money lender. One owed him a millions pounds and the other owed him a 1000 pounds. Both debts were cancelled by the money lender because both of the men were unable to pay it back. Tell me which out of the two men was the most grateful?”
“The man who was forgiven much,” replied the religious leader.
Jesus replied, “You have answered correctly. I came to your house you did not offer me water to wash my feet. This woman has washed my feet with her tears. You did not greet me with a kiss but she has not stopped kissing my feet. You did not pour oil on my head but she has rubbed my feet with perfume. Her many sins have been forgiven. The person who has been forgiven much loves much.
The woman in this story did not let what other thought of her get in the way of getting to Jesus. It must have taken some courage on her part to walk into a room filled with men who did not welcome women like her.  But Jesus stood by herJesus will also stand by us if we come to him. We must not let what others think about us get in our way of coming to Jesus. Also we must not think that we are too bad to come to Jesus.

Dear Jesus,
I come to you
Please accept me as I am
Please forgive all my sins,
Please help me now to live for you

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 25/03/2016