Jesus Has Arrived!

Jesus was born in Bethlehem. His mother Mary could not find room anywhere to give birth to her first son. Jesus’ birth was an extraordinarily humbling experience. Jesus had created the whole world with his own hands but when he arrived in the world, it was as a baby.

He was not born in a palace but in a stable. Jesus was God incarnate. God arrived on earth as a baby. This was no ordinary birth. Mary was a virgin when she conceived Jesus. She had no sexual relationship with her husband Joseph until Jesus was born. Jesus was conceived by the power of Holy Spirit. God wanted to experience what it would be like to be a human being. He chose to enter our world of suffering.

Jesus experienced all the human emotions possible from crying as a child and being hungry to being a grown up man, who experienced vulnerability, misunderstanding, rejection, homelessness, loneliness and bereavement. He also knew pain. He died the cruellest death on the cross. Jesus had never told a lie and had lived a completely selfless life.
So why was he brutally nailed to the cross?

On the cross Jesus died in your place and mine. We did wrong and Jesus paid the price for our wrongs. This is extraordinary. It is a mystery. He is the truest friend you can ever have. A friend who understands every kind of pain because he has been through it…for you.

Jesus is alive today. He is the only person to have risen from the dead. You might be feeling that no one understands you or your pain. Jesus knows about all your physical and mental pain. I challenge you to come to Jesus because he knows everything about you and can help you.  


Dear Jesus,

You know me,

You know my pain,

You understand me,

You are alive today,

I come to you,

Please be my friend


Help me through

My Life’s journey

In Jesus Name, Amen

By Harbajan (Servant of Jesus) 27-11-2011