Life after death The story of the Rich man and Lazarus

There was a poor man named Lazarus who sat outside the mansion of the rich man begging. The rich man enjoyed great privileges. He would dress in the finest clothes that money could buy while Lazarus sat outside the rich man’s mansion in strips of clothing.
The rich man had more food at his table than he needed. Lazarus hoped each day that the rich man would even give him his left overs. The rich man failed to notice Lazarus begging for food outside his mansion.
Lazarus had sores all over his body.  The dogs would come and lick his sores. It was the only comfort that he could find.
Both men died. The rich man had the best funeral money could buy. Lazarus had no money so there really wasn’t much of a funeral for him.
In the life after death, the roles had been reversed. Lazarus was carried by the angels to be with God in heaven while the rich man found himself in hell and in torment. It was Lazarus now enjoying the privileges in heaven.
The rich man complained to God and said, “Please send Lazarus over to me. So that he can give me cold water to drink so that I can find some comfort.”
God said,” Lazarus is not able to come to you because there is a gulf between you both which cannot be crossed.”
The rich man begged before God,” Please send Lazarus to the rest of my family so that he can tell them of this horrible place so they will not end up here?”
“They have the prophets to warn them of what is right and what is wrong. Even if I were to send Lazarus to them, they would not listen to him.” said God.

This story challenges us to live our lives to please God. It also shows that there is life after death and God places a great value on every person. The Good News is that God cares for those who are marginalised by society. These are the people that we may not give much attention to. We can also be comforted by knowing that God is a judge and he would judge every person fairly. Today, God would challenge us as individuals. He would also challenge our Government and our Organisations to value people.

(The story of the Rich Man and Lazarus as Jesus told it is found in the Bible Luke chapter 16 Verses 19-31).

Dear God
Teach me to live my life to please you,
Thank you that the Good News is that you care for people who are marginalised by society.
I thank you that you know me by my name
Thank you that you judge each person fairly and I take Great comfort in knowing you are fair.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 07/11/13