St Paul

I have put my trust in Jesus And I know that he is able To take care of everything that I have trusted to him
(2 Timothy Chapter 1 verse 12.)

St Paul had handed his life over to Jesus. He had handed over to Jesus the things that would concern him. He owed his life to Jesus.

It was Jesus who appeared to him on the road to Damascus. He was known as Saul before Jesus appeared to him. As Saul he had authorised the stoning of Stephen to death and had fiercely persecuted the followers of Jesus.

Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus and said to him, “Saul, Saul, Why do you persecute me?” Saul asked, “Who are you Lord?” “I am Jesus, Whom you persecute.”

It was that moment that Saul’s life changed and he became known as Paul.

From that moment he handed over everything to Jesus until that day when he would appear before Jesus.

He gave over to Jesus his wrongs-the stoning of Stephen to death, and his own future. He believed Jesus could be trusted with everything until that day when he would face him.

You and I can also hand over everything to Jesus, our wrongs, our concerns and our worries until that day when we face him. Jesus can be trusted to look after us and our worries.

Dear Jesus,
I hand over my life to you
Because you will take care of it.
I give you my wrongs
I give you the present
I give you my future
I hand over to you the things that concern me
Until that day when I see you face to face. Amen.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 04/11/2014