The journey back to God begins…

“I am going back to my father” 
(Luke 15  The Message)

The prodigal son had messed up in a big way.   He had turned his back on his family, left home, and decided to go his own way.   He thought his own way would lead to happiness and success.  While he was away from home he spent all his money on alcohol, drugs and prostitution.  When he had no money left he got himself a job feeding the pigs.   He felt so hungry because nobody gave him anything to eat.   He wanted to eat the pig’s food.   He was alone, miserable, away from home, and very unhappy.  

At the lowest point of his life he said to himself “I am going back to my father”.   He knew that he would find more happiness with God than he would without him.   So he left everything behind and he begun to make his journey back to God and his family.  The journey back to God had begun for the prodigal son…

My own journey back to God has begun also…
What about you – has your journey back to God begun?    You might not have messed up in a big way but you still need to come back to God.  Please remember that there is more happiness with God than without him. 


Dear God

I am coming back to you

In Jesus name


By Harbajan (Servant of Jesus) 02-04-2010