The Moment of Truth

A Time to make a Decision
Elijah said to the people,
“If my 
God is God then serve him
If Baal is 
God then serve him
But do not waver between two opinions.”

Elijah said to the people let us decide for once and all who is God so that you do not continue to waver between two opinions. He said, “You offer a sacrifice of a bull to your God Baal and I will offer a sacrifice of bull to my God and the God who answers by fire is the true God.”
The people said to Elijah, “What you say is fair.” Elijah said to the prophets of Baal, “since there are four hundred and fifty of you and I am just one, you prepare the first sacrifice and call on your God.”
The prophets of Baal prepared the first sacrifice. They cut the bull and laid it on the wood and begun to call on their God. They called and called out to Baal but he did not answer them. Then Elijah began to taunt them by saying, “May be your God is too busy to answer you, or it could be he is asleep or too busy travelling and he does not hear you.”
The prophets of Baal became very frustrated that their God was not answering them. They began to cut their wrists but even then their God still did not answer them. Finally, they gave up.
Elijah then prepared his sacrifice. He laid stones and dug a trench around it and filled it with water. He then cut the bull and laid it on the wood covering it with water. He then called out to his God. “Lord God you are the true God. Let it be known this day you are God.”
At that point fire from heaven struck the sacrifice and burned it and dried up the water. The people fell on their knees and exclaimed, “You are the true God and there is no other God.” And the prophets of Baal ran away in fear.
The moment of truth will arrive for all of us when we have to decide which God we are following. For me I choose to follow the God of Elijah. He is the God who hears us when we call out to him. He understands you and everything about you. He knows you. He was there for you when you were born and he is there for you now. He is the God who holds your very life in his hands. Just come to him…. 
(The story of Elijah as told in the Bible is found in 1 Kings Chapter 18 Verses 16 -40)

Dear God,
I come to you the God of Elijah,
Today I choose you and no other God,
Hear me and answer me,
You know me,
Meet with me at my point of need and desperation.
I ask this in Jesus name. 

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 21/03/2015