The Return Home of the Prodigal Son.

A Father had two sons, the younger son said to him. “Give me my share of of the estate now. I want to leave home and find my own way in life”. The Father felt sad at his son’s request but agreed to divide the estate between his two sons and gave him his share of it now.

Once the younger son got his share he took off to another country in search of happiness and excitement. As he had money, it did not take him long to make friends. His new found freedom led him into reckless living, taking drugs, drinking excessive alcohol and spending money on prostitues.

Before he knew it, he was losing control of his life. His so called friends were dragging him further and further into a pit which he was unable to get himself out of.

The high living continued for a while until he arrived at the point when he had no money left. He was then evicted from his accomodation. He was now sleeping rough and he could no longer maintain his drug or alcohol habit and worse of all he had no food to eat. He started to beg on the streets for food, some days he would be ridiculed by the same friends who had once enjoyed his company when he had money.

HE had hit rock bottom. He was unkempt, smelly, dirty, unshaven and very hungry. He came to the end of himself and fell on his knees and cried out aloud, “I will go back to my Father and say to him, I am sorry I have messed up, please forgive me and receive me back as one of you hired servants”.

He got himself up and began making his journey back to his Father and his God. Unknown to him his Father was waiting for his return since the day he had left.

As the son was making his journey back to his home, his Father saw him coming, his eyes lit up and his heart began to pound with excitement. He was also filled with pity when he saw the state of his son. The Son was walking back with his head down. The Father ran as fast as he could so that he could embrace his son.

The Father reached for his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him. The Son said to his Father, “Father, I am sorry I have messed up against God and against you. Please forgive me. “

The Father did not want to hear anything else. He said to his servants, “quick, bring the best clothes and put them on him, put a ring on his finger and shoes on his feet. My son is back… I am so glad that he has come back!” Then the party began…

Dear God,
I have messed up,
Please forgive me,
In Jesus name,

The original story of the prodigal son is told by Jesus and it is found in Luke Chapter 16:

By Harbajan (Servant of Jesus) 02-04-2010