Where would you find God?

Elijah was feeling dejected and overwhelmed by what had happened. He had served God wholeheartedly. He was now the only prophet left the others had been killed.
The Lord said to Elijah, “Go and stand on top of the mountain and I will pass by.”
A powerful wind came and smashed the rocks but God was not in the powerful wind. It was followed by an earthquake but God was not in the earthquake.  A fire followed but God was not in the fire.   Then there was a gentle silence and God was in it. Elijah covered his face because he could not face the holiness of God.

This story teaches us that God is not found in the big things of life. Man craves for position and power but God is not there. God is found in humility, gentleness, love and silence. We can only find God away from the distractions of this world. We need to find those moments of quietness to find him. We need to turn off our televisions and mobile phones and need to listen for his gentle voice in the midst of Life’s chaos and noise.(The story of Elijah is found in the Bible 1 Kings Chapter 19 verses 10-13) 

Dear God,

I want to find you,

I want to hear your gentle voice,

In the midst of Life’s chaos and noise,

Hear me I pray,

In Jesus name,


By harbajan (servant of Jesus) 15/07/2015