Saint Paul I have no confidence in the flesh.

Where is Your Trust?

St Paul said,

“I have no confidence in the Flesh

Therefore I have given up everything

For Jesus.”

St Paul said that he had no confidence in the flesh. By this he meant he did not trust the things he could see with his own eyes. He said that he could have put his trust in his religious upbringing, his educational achievements and his position in the community but he refused to do it.  After Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus. St. Paul said, “I refuse to put my trust in all my achievements, because compared to knowing Jesus they were rubbish.” In other words, what he saw with his eyes was temporary but knowing Jesus was eternal. St. Paul had truly given up everything for Jesus. His one aim in life was now to know Jesus and experience his power in his life.

 We cannot put our trust in those things we see because they are fading away. We cannot assume we will always have our health or reach retirement age. We are not even promised tomorrow.

 But we can put our trust in Jesus.  It is the name above every other name. We can let go of whatever is holding us back and put our trust in Jesus. It is worth putting our trust in the name that can be trusted.

Dear Jesus

I want to follow you

I want to put my trust in you

I too want to give up everything 

For you.


By harbajan (servant of Jesus)