The Moment Jesus Of Nazareth Stopped for the The Blind Man.

Jesus said to him “What can I do for you?”

Jesus of Nazareth was approaching Jericho with crowds of people following him. There was a blind man sitting at the side of the road. This was his usual place to beg. He could hear there was a lot of noise and excitement, so he asked loudly, “What is going on?” “What is going on?”

Some of the crowd shouted back at him, “Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.” At hearing this the blind man began to shout more loudly, “Jesus, son of David have mercy on me?” Again he shouted, “Jesus, son of David have mercy on me?”

Some of the crowd rebuked him and told him to keep quiet but he called out even more loudly. In the midst of the noise and excitement of the crowd, Jesus heard his voice. He stopped and asked the blind man to be brought to him.

Jesus asked him, “What Can I do for you?”

“Lord I want to see again,” replied the blind man.

Jesus said to him, “Your eye sight has been restored. Your faith has made you well.”

The man could see and began praising God. He followed Jesus.

This story is about the love and mercy of Jesus. Jesus who is God in the midst of the noise of life stopped for the blind man. The blind man was determined to call out to Jesus and his cry was heard. He did not let the crowd stop him from calling out to Jesus. This showed determination and courage on his part. Jesus honoured it.

It is the same for you and me today. We must let nothing come in the way of us calling out to Jesus and he will honour our faith. Jesus of Nazareth is asking you and me, “What can I do for you?” (This story as it is written in the Bible is found in Mark Chapter 10 Verses 46-52).


Dear Jesus,

I come before you

My biggest need is to

Receive your mercy, love and forgiveness

Please Jesus

Have mercy on me.



By harbajan (servant of Jesus)