The Greatest Human Need is to be Right with God. Psalm 51.

Have Mercy on Me

According to your unfailing Love

According to your Great Mercy

Wipe away my sins

Wash away all my evil.

King David was in a powerful position as a king. Everything was at his disposal but even he was accountable to God. As a King in a particular episode in his life. He misused his position and power.  He took what was not his.

 He took another man’s wife and then to cover is wrongdoing, he had the man killed. It appeared for a while he pretended nothing had happened or maybe he thought that he got away with it.

God sent the Prophet Nathan to confront David with what he had done. Nathan came to David and told him a story. He said that there were two men in a certain town. One was a rich man who had everything and the other was a poor man who only had one little lamb.

For the poor man the little lamb was his only source of happiness for him and his family. When the rich man had a visitor. He took the poor man’s lamb for a feast as he did not want to use a lamb from his own flock.  The poor man and his family were heartbroken. David became enraged at hearing this story and said this man should be brought to justice.

Nathan looked at David and said, “You are that man. You took what was not yours. You took Uriah’s wife and had him killed?”

David replied, I have sinned against God.”  David’s sin was great but he was forgiven by God. He admitted he had done wrong before God.

We too have to admit the things we have done wrong before God. Jesus has died in the place of sinners. The death of Jesus allows us into the presence of God and our sins to be forgiven.

(The story of David and the Prophet Nathan is found in the Bible in the old testament in   2 Samuel  Chapter 11.)


Dear Lord Jesus

Thank you for dying in my place

So I can be forgiven.

I accept your death was for me.


By harbajan 21/09/2018

Servant of Jesus.