Meeting God in the wilderness.

Jesus full of the Holy Spirit was taken into the wilderness for forty days and nights he did not eat anything. (Luke Chapter 4 Verse1 in the Bible).

There are times in our own lives when we feel we are in a wilderness. Wildernesses are those very dark valleys in our lives. It is where we feel very alone and very afraid. We feel lost or we are in pain or despair. These are those dark valleys where we feel there is no light or very little hope.

These are usually the valleys of loss of a loved one, a valley of chemotherapy, the valley of fear, the valley of depression.  In these moments we ask the big question, “Where is God?”

When we are in the wilderness, it is a time to discover who we are really when we are without all those things we depend on.  In the wilderness, we are without our human comforts and so it is time to find God.

These are times when we need to shut the world out of our lives. The noise of the television and mobile phones. When we are in the wilderness it is an opportunity for us to meet with God and try and listen to his voice.

We can be alone with God. When we are in the wilderness it is an opportunity for us to get our priorities sorted out. It is time to discover what is important in life before God our Maker.

Jesus is taken into the wilderness. In the wilderness, Jesus has to face temptation. He is able to draw his strength from God alone. The wilderness had prepared Jesus to face the challenges of his ministry.

In the wilderness, there are no other resources but God alone. We also have to draw our strength from God. We have to seek him, even if we are only able to cry out, “God help me please!”         


Dear Jesus

I come to you

I call out to you

In your mercy hear me.

Please Help ME!


By harbajan (servant of Jesus)