Just As I Am

With No Righteousness of my own

I Come

   I can come no other way.

Two men went to pray- A religious man and a tax collector.  


Jesus told a story of two men who went to pray, one was a tax collector and the other was a religious man. Tax collectors were very unpopular people because they oppressed the poor. They were mainly dishonest people and took more money than they should have from the poor.

The religious man went to the front of the temple and prayed loudly to himself and said, “God, I thank you I am not like other men who steal, lie and commit adultery. I am not like that man at the back, I fast twice a week, I give a tenth of my earnings to the temple.

The tax collector stood at the back of the temple with his head down. He did not even lift up his eyes, he beat his chest with his hands and prayed, “God have mercy on me a sinner”

Jesus said, “It was the tax collector who went home right with God and not the religious man.”

Jesus told us this very powerful story about being right with God. There is a lovely twist at the end of this story, it was not the religious man who went home being right with God but the tax collector.

We can come to Jesus as we are with all our sins, fears, worries, and doubts and ask for his mercy, love and forgiveness. God is looking for a contrite heart.


    Dear Jesus,

Take me as I am

I can come no other way

With all my sins, doubts and fears.

             I need your healing of body, mind and soul.

    Please receive me

                 Welcome and Pardon me.  

                        By harbajan (servant of Jesus)