Jesus appears to Sundar Singh

Sundar Singh was born into a rich Sikh family. His mother was a godly woman who daily prayed to God. She also helped the poor in her community. She was bringing up Sundar to have the same reverence for God as she did.

Unfortunately, Sundar’s mother died when he was fourteen years old. This threw Sundar into despair and confusion. He could not understand why his mother died. His disappointment in God turned into anger against Christians. He began persecuting the Christians and he even publicly burned the bible. However, all this did not bring him any peace.  His life had reached a crisis point.

“Late one night in December 1903, He rose from the bed and prayed that God would reveal himself to him if he really existed. Otherwise Sundar had planned to throw himself in front of the train which passed his house. For several hours Sundar prayed, “O God, if there is a God, reveal thyself to me tonight.”

Half an hour before the train was about to arrive, “suddenly the room filled with a glow. A man appeared before him.  He said. “How long will you deny me?  I died for you; I have given my life for you.”  He saw the man’s hands, pierced by nails.  To Sundar’s amazement it was Jesus!  Sundar fell on his knees and worshipped him. His life was transformed and he was totally overcome with peace. For Sundar Singh this was a start of an incredible journey with God.  He became known as Sadhu Sundar Singh.

Today, my dear friend your life might be in a crisis or you might feel that no one cares about you or you might be feeling suicidal. Well, I have good news for you Jesus responds to a crisis today as he did in 1903. Jesus can do for you what he did for Sundar Singh.


Dear Jesus

I have reached a crisis point in my life.

Please rescue me.

Please do for me

 what you did for Sundar Singh.  

Reveal yourself to me.  

I desperately need you.

 You alone can help me.

Thank you


     By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 23.1.2010