The Angel Gabriel Appeared to Mary and said,

“You have been highly


By God

Do Not Be Afraid.

The Lord is with you.”

God sent the angel Gabriel from Heaven to Earth to a young girl named Mary in a town called Nazareth. Mary was engaged to be married to a man named Joseph. The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and said, “Do not be afraid. You have been highly favoured by God. The Lord is with you. You will have a son and you are to call him Jesus.”                                                                                                                

Mary was surprised at this news and asked, “How can this be possible since I am not married?” The angel Gabriel replied,” The Holy Spirit will come upon you. This child is the son of the most High God.” Mary replied, “I am the Lord’s servant, May everything you have said come true.”

That was the moment of total submission to the will of God by Mary. She had no idea how things would turn out but she was willing to put her complete trust in God. We often face challenges in our own lives. We have no idea how things will turn out but we should be willing to trust God in the midst of these challenges. Mary said, Yes to God. We should also say, Yes to God.

Mary was a teenager. She must have had own her plans and ambitions but doing the will of God was far more important to her- an example for our youngsters to follow. Mary was not distracted by the things of this world as it often appears most youngsters are today.

People say that the virgin birth is impossible. Mary asked how it was possible to have a son when she was not married. The Angel Gabriel replied, “With God all things are possible.” People say that God is all powerful so why should the virgin birth not be possible for God?

Abraham was another man who demonstrated this huge step of faith in God. He was asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac. He waited many years to have a son but then he is asked to sacrifice him. What a shock for Abraham and what a decision to make to choose between his son and God. I am not sure of the turmoil that Abraham was going through but he chose God. He took his only son to the place of sacrifice and held a knife to him but at the moment a voice spoke from Heaven, “Do not touch that boy. Now I know you put me first in your life.” Abraham was considered righteous by God.

Life always presents us with situations where we may have to decide to put God first or whatever the other thing is. We have seen this in the story of Mary and Abraham – that they were blessed because they put God first in their lives. Always remember there is no other security in this life but God Himself. Everything else comes and goes.

Dear God

I choose you,

I want to put you first in my life.

I am the Lords servant,

Let it be as you have said

Thank you.


By harbajan (servant of Jesus)