“What must I do to be saved?”

“Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

“You and Your family will be saved.”

Paul and Silas were going to a place of Prayer. They were met by a woman who had a spirit in her which helped her to predict the future. She made a lot of money by doing this. Paul got really fed up with her as she kept on saying, “You are the servants of the most high God who are proclaiming Jesus is the Messiah”. Paul looked at the woman and said, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I command you to come out of this woman”. Immediately the evil spirit left the woman. When the girl’s owners realised, they had lost a business, they became angry with Paul and Silas and took them to Court. 

Paul and Silas were severely beaten up and put in prison. They were tied and chained up.  In prison they were singing and praising God. Suddenly about midnight there was a sound like an earthquake. The prison doors opened, and their chains became loose. The prison officer became fearful and frightened. He was frightened that he would be accused of letting the prisoner’s go free and lose his job.

The prison officer wanted to take his own life.  Paul said to him, “Don’t be afraid! We are all here for you.” “What must I do to be saved?’ cried out the prison officer. “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. You and your family will be saved.” replied Paul. 

 The prison officer believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. He took Paul and Silas to his own home and washed their wounds and gave them food to eat. 

Today we are living in the days when the world is falling to pieces. We don’t know what is to come or when? The prison officer’s world collapsed when he saw the power of God. He thought he had lost everything.  He wanted to take his own life, but Paul comforts him by saying. Don’t do it. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you and your family will be saved.

What can save us from what is coming? Paul gives us the answer, Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you and your family will be saved.  

We don’t have to live in fear but put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. (The story of Paul and Silas is found in the Book of Acts 16:16-40).

Lord Jesus

I put my trust

In you.



By harbajan (servant of Jesus)