The unbelievable Mercy of God. 

Manasseh King of Judah. 

The story of Manasseh is about a king who did very wicked things before God. The amazing thing is God’s forgiveness when Manasseh turned from his wickedness. This story reflects that God is rich in mercy and is long suffering. There is no one beyond God’s forgiveness. If you think God can’t forgive you this story is for you.  

Manasseh became the King of Israel when he was only twelve years old. He did some very wicked things before God. He worshipped false gods and bowed down to the stars and worshipped them.  He went a lot further when he sacrificed his son in the fire Valley of Ben Hinnom. The Lord spoke to Manasseh, but he would not listen. His evil was so much that he aroused God’s anger. It was said that streets in Jerusalem were flowing with blood.   

The Lord brought against Manasseh the army commanders of King of Assyria. Manasseh was arrested and taken to prison. A hook was put in his nose, and he was put in chains and taken to Babylon. This was a very low point in Manasseh’s life. He was taken away from his comfort and his sin. He had nobody but God to cry out to. When all our comforts disappear, we call out to God. There are situations in our lives when we have no one to cry out to but God and God alone, as everything else has failed.  

Just now our world is falling to pieces, there are floods, economic crisis, and climate changes. Does our world have any hope? There is one thing we learn from the story of Manasseh: that we can cry out to God from whatever situation we find ourselves in today. God will answer our prayer. 

It is amazing that God was able to forgive such depths of evil. Manasseh was an evil King, but God’s mercy was so much greater. That is why St. Paul was able to say,” We cannot comprehend God’s Love. It was so rich and so wide. Our human minds cannot grasp it. God’s love is greater than our sin. In the time our need we can find God’s love, grace and forgiveness for our sins. When everything else falls to pieces God is still there! Manasseh found out he could completely trust God and no one else.     

Dear God, 

I come humbly before you.  

You are my God.  

I bow down before you.  

I ask for your forgiveness. 

In Jesus name 



The story of Manasseh is found in 2 Chronicles in the Bible.