The Challenge of Job.

“Though he slay me

                   Yet will I trust Him.” (Job in the Bible.)

Trusting in God is very easy when everything falls into place for us. In those times it is easy to say God is on my side and God is for me. On Saturday 4th February 2023, I stood outside at Aston Villa Football Club with the sign God is love. An angry man came up to me who strongly disagreed with it. He said, “I have lost a son”. A friend who was with him kindly put his arms around him and took him away. My heart felt compassion for him.

The story of Job is very much about faith in God when everything is going wrong. Job had everything. He was very wealthy and honoured God in all his ways. Job was very careful not to do anything evil before God. He was a God fearing man. Each morning he would get up early and offer sacrifices to God on behalf of his family just in case any one of them had sinned.

Satan was roaming over the earth looking to deceive someone. He appeared before God. God said to him, “Have you noticed my servant Job. He is very faithful and there is no one else like him. He shuns evil”.

“That is because you give him everything he needs. Now suppose you take away from him his earthly comforts. He will curse you to your face”, replied Satan.

“I will take away his comforts and you will see he will remain faithful to me. You are not to harm Him”, replied God.

The following day disaster after disaster came upon Job. He lost everything, his family, his livelihood, and his servants. He also totally lost his health. His wife told him to curse God but Job did not do it. In the midst of such turmoil and agony Job came up with a statement of tremendous faith in God when he said, “Even though God slays me I will trust him.” Job demonstrates his faith in God regardless of his outward circumstances.

What does this story teach us? God is sovereign. He has complete power. Satan needed God’s permission to approach Job. God considers Job’s character he was God fearing and shunned evil. At the end of the story God rewards Job’s faith and restores everything that had been taken away from him. In these days when everything is falling to pieces, we should keep trust in God and not just fall into despair.

God will diligently reward those to seek him. Faith is believing that God is still in control when everything else is falling to pieces.  Job trusted God. What about you and me are we trusting God in these days of difficulties?


Please help me to trust in you.

When I feel I am sinking in life’s problems.

You are my light in darkness.

You are my hope in moments of sadness.

You will deliver me.


by harbajan (servant of Jesus)