Whom will you choose to serve this day?

“Choose whom you will serve this day. As for me and my household we choose to serve the Lord.” Joshua chapter 24 Verse 15.

May be today God is asking each one of us to choose whom we will serve. The Israelites had a history of going after other gods. They were often wavering between following God and following other gods.

 Joshua was the leader and he could see what was happening. He called the leaders, elders and everyone to make a decision.

Joshua called all the people’s to present themselves before the Lord. He reminded them what God had done for them. God had rescued  them from slavery and protected them.

Joshua was prepared to go alone with God even if no one else came with him. He knew once he had made a decision to go with God. God would take care of everything, his life, his future and his family.

It is the same for you and me. When we make a decision to go with God. He will take care of everything else. What we commit to God. He will take care of it.

The people of Israel chose to serve God with Joshua.  What about you who do you choose to serve?

   Dear God

    I choose to serve you with Joshua .

I know you will take care of everything.

My family, My friends and Me.

Thank you


By harbajan (servant of Jesus)