The God Who Gave up       

Everything for me.

I ask myself why is it difficult for people to understand that God could give up his power and glory and become a baby and grow up into a man.

Today, we live in a world where with technology anything is possible.  There was recently an ABBA pop group concert. The group was seen performing on the stage as if they were really there but they were not there.

With God all things are possible but not with man. That is exactly what Jesus did. Jesus was born in poverty and in poor conditions. It is only the God who cares so much for us who could give up his glory, power and become a servant. It did not end with Jesus becoming a servant. He died on the cross in place of sinners. A letter to the Church in Philippians, St Paul encourages believers to become like Jesus. He said in humility count others better than yourselves.

He points to Jesus. He said, “Jesus made himself nothing and became a servant. Have the mind that was in Christ. Although he was God he did not seek equality with God.”

Jesus lived a very simple life without any possessions. Today world leaders demonstrate their power by living in mansions. Ghandi followed the example of Jesus. He lived a life without any possessions

Having the mind that was in Christ is the key and this only comes with continuous prayer. St Paul had this great vision that Jesus gave up everything to become a man. “What about us? Are we prepared to live for him?”

Jesus became a servant and died in place of the sinners on the cross. A complete sacrifice. There is a Hymn that says ‘A love that demands my soul, my life, my all.’

Dear Jesus

A love that demands,

My soul, my life,

My all.

I surrender.


By harbajan (servant of Jesus)