“Lord how many times must I forgive?”

The big question today is how many times do I need to forgive someone who wrongs me? The human mind is limited when it comes to understanding the forgiveness of God. It is not easy for us to forgive others because we don’t fully understand how much God has forgiven us.

Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times must I forgive if someone wrongs me, seven times?” For Peter seven times would have been enough to forgive someone. Human forgiveness is very limited.

“No seventy times seven”, replied Jesus.

Jesus then told Peter a story. A king was settling all his accounts. A man was brought to him who owed him millions of pounds. He begged, “Please King forgive me. Have mercy on me. I cannot afford to pay this money as I have a family.” The king had compassion on the person and cancelled his debt.

This man then went out to someone who owed him a few pounds and asked for his money back. The man who owed him a few pounds said, “Please have mercy on me. I have no money to pay you back. I have a family.” The first man still demanded his money back .The man who owed him a few pounds was unable to pay him. He had him put in prison.

The king heard this story and became was very angry. He summoned the man he had forgiven millions of pounds. He said, “I had forgiven you millions of pounds but you could not forgive someone who owed you a few pounds”. The king had him in put in prison.

The point of this story is God will treat us as we treat others. God’s forgiveness for us is ongoing. The Lord’s Prayer, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.

Peter thought seven times would be enough to forgive but Jesus said,” Seventy times seven “. Which means forgiveness is ongoing. (the story of the unforgiving servant is  found in the Bible Matthew Chapter 18:21-35)

 Dear Lord

You have forgiven me so much

Help me now to forgive those who may

have wronged me.



By harbajan (servant of Jesus)