Do not overcome evil with evil

But overcome evil with good.

(Romans Chapter 12 Verse 21).

The way of the world appears to be an eye for an eye but it would not work because we will all become blind. Jesus turned it around when he said, “It was said curse your enemies but I say to you bless them.” Jesus went an extra mile when he said. “If a Roman soldier makes you carry his bag for mile. You carry it for two miles.” This was revolutionary teaching.  We have to remember the Roman soldiers treated the Jews very badly.

St Paul witnessed the love of God when Stephen was being stoned  to death right in front of his eyes. Before Stephen died he had asked God to forgive those who were stoning him to death. That must have had an impact on Saul. He must have thought here I am involved in the killing of this man but he has asked God to forgive me.

That love of God must have played on Saul’s conscience.  As Saul he was out to kill all followers of Jesus. It was later when Saul became known as St Paul he wrote, “Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good”. There are two reactions to any situation in life a godly reaction or a natural human reaction. The challenge is to have a godly reaction.

Love can change this world but not hatred. God is love and we are to love too. What we need today is people who are able to demonstrate the love of God. The world leaders appear today to lack compassion. The truth is if we do not have compassion in our hearts we do not have God.

This is made so clear in the book of James in the Bible, “If I say I love God and yet walk by my neighbour who is hungry, the love of God is not in me”. Jesus in the story of the Good Samaritan said, two religious men walked by a man who had been severely beaten but it was the Samaritan who stopped to help him. Samaritans and Jews did not get on. The Samaritan did not look at the nationality of the person but saw his need.

 Today the question is how will we respond. St Paul said, “Overcome evil with good”. The reason we show mercy to others is because God who is rich in mercy has shown mercy to us.

     Lord Jesus

     Help me to show your love in all situations.


By harbajan (servant of Jesus)