The Rich Mercy of God.

“Blessed are the merciful

For they shall

Obtain mercy.” (Matthew 5:7)

Today our world needs mercy more than anything else. We need mercy from God and in return show mercy to one another. It appears we are all so occupied with the things of this world that we do not we ask the question how I can I obtain God’s mercy? When this life is over we stand alone before God. A  student who often stops to talk to me said, “I remember one of the teachings of Jesus, treat others as you would want to be treated,” Love your neighbour as you love yourself is the key to everything. How do we treat others?  Jesus said, “Blessed are the merciful they will obtain mercy”.

This story is about God’s forgiveness and there are times when we are unwilling to forgive others. This story reflects the true nature of God.

A  King was settling his accounts. A man who owed him millions was brought before him. The King asked the man to pay his debt. The man got on his knees and begged the King for his mercy. He said, “Your Majesty please have mercy on me.  I have a family and I am unable to pay the debt. “The King had mercy on the man and forgave him.

Then the forgiven man went out. He approached a man who owed him a few pounds. The forgiven man asked for his money back. The man who owed him a few pounds replied, “Sir please forgive me. I am unable to pay this debt . Please have mercy on me.” The forgiven man would not have it. He had the man who owed him a few pounds arrested and thrown into jail.

The King found out what had happened. He had the man whom he had forgiven millions brought back to him and had him put in to jail.

God is merciful. He forgives us when we ask for mercy but what is our attitude towards others?  Are we harsh with them, and unforgiving?  Just remember what Jesus said, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

Dear God

Have mercy on me

Please help me now to show mercy to others.


By harbajan (servant of Jesus) 02/12/2023