1. A prayer to give oneself to God

Dear God You are my God I am your slave I know I am so unworthy I give you permission  to do with… Read More

2. The Heart of God

A story of true love Luke Chapter 16.. (from The Message) “When he was still a long way off his father saw him. … Read More

3. ‘God is Love’

(From: 1 John, chapter 4, The Message) I found myself asking the questions ‘What is the aim and purpose of life?’ ‘What were… Read More

4. Jesus invites you to share a meal with him

From: Revelation 3:20 (The Good News Bible) “I stand at the door and knock If anyone hears my voice And opens the door… Read More

5. Let me be Jesus to you

Love your neighbour as yourself” Luke Chapter 10, 27 Good News Bible If you are hungry Let me feed you If you are… Read More

6. Total Surrender

Dear JesusI come before you as I am I want to walk with you all my lifeWhatever it may cost me I give… Read More

7. The greatest love story ever told…

Godput the wrong on him who never did anything wrong, so that we could be put right with God”      [2 Corinthians, Chapter 5… Read More

8. God became a man

Isaiah Chapter 52 Verse 14: "Many people were shocked when they saw him. He was so disfigured that he hardly looked human" It… Read More

9. The Forgotten Ten Commandments

The ten commandments were first given to Moses by God at Mount Sinai.  I believe that the ten commandments are as relevant today… Read More

10. I place my hands in the hands of Jesus

I place my hands in the hands of Jesus… His hands created the universe and everything that breathes in it.  His hands created… Read More

11. Jesus is the organic bread of life!

Do you want life in all its richness? Has life disappointed you? Are you burdened with life and its problems? Have you messed… Read More

12. A Prayer of Thanks to God

Dear God Thank you You forgive every sin That I have committed Thank you You heal every sickness In my body Thank you… Read More

13. A prayer for those who feel alone or deserted

Dear God I cry out to youHave mercy on mePlease help mePlease don’t turn your back on meI feel so desperately aloneI feel… Read More

14. Called to be a living sacrifice

"Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God –… Read More

15. The journey back to God begins…

"I am going back to my father" (Luke 15  The Message) The prodigal son had messed up in a big way.   He had turned his… Read More

16. The sheer mercy of God!

God transforms a great sinnernamed Saul into Saint Paul Saul watched nearby as Stephen (a follower of Jesus) was being dragged out of… Read More

17. Where are you God?

I cry out to you during the day. I stay awake at night calling on your name, but you do not answer me.… Read More

18. My prayer is simply ‘I place myself in Jesus’ care’

When I am struggling with life and finding it difficult to copemy prayer is simply‘I place myself in Jesus’ care'. When I don’t… Read More

19. God is passionately in love with you…

“I’ll sell off the whole world to get you back” From: ­The Message: Isaiah 43 Just think for a moment – that God… Read More

20. Unconditional love

Jesus prayed: “Father forgive them.  They don’t know what they are doing” (Luke 23:  The Message) Jesus is demonstrating the true nature of God… Read More

21. Dear Lord, I need a special friend

A friend who will stand by meeven though he knows every secret sinthat I have committed. A friend who will catch every tearthat… Read More

22. Dear Lord, I need a special friend

A friend who will stand by meeven though she knows every secret sinthat I have committed. A friend who will catch every tearthat… Read More

23. God is good

God is good God is good God is good God is good to ME! By Harbajan (Servant of Jesus) 02-04-2010 Read More

24. Shattered dreams

I come to the living GodWho specialises in putting back togetherBroken lives I can come no other wayPlease take meas I amWith all… Read More

25. Jesus Jesus Jesus

‘For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain’ (Philippians 1. 21  Good News Bible.  Saint Paul) I think Jesus… Read More

26. Jesus may visit us …disguised as a stranger

Whenever you cared for someone else – ‘you did it to me’ (Matthew 25 The Message) Jesus may visit us disguised as a stranger...  He could… Read More

27. Faith

Furthermore, we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called in accordance… Read More

28. Psalm 23

The creator of the world will take care of me.He will provide for me and my every need. He will take me by… Read More

29. I hand over the control of my life to Jesus

Dear Jesus I hand over the control of my life to you I let go of the will to control my life at… Read More

30. I Promise to Honour Jesus Above Everything Else in My Life

I Promise to honour Jesus with the very life,he has given to me. I promise to honour Jesus in whatever I am doing,wheather… Read More

31. The Return Home of the Prodigal Son.

A Father had two sons, the younger son said to him. "Give me my share of of the estate now. I want to… Read More

32. God is the Perfect Parent. The Lord’s Pray.

My Father who is in Heaven, Honoured be your name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done On Earth as it is in… Read More

33. A life Consecrated to God.

Dear Lord, I come before you as I am. I bow down before you. You alone are the true God. I worship you… Read More

34. I Belong to God.

My eyes belong to God. My ears belong to God. My hands belong to God. My feet belong to God. My Soul belongs… Read More

35. Are you stressed out by the worries of this life?

Jesus said,"Come to me, all you who are struggling and burdened, and I will give you rest."Matthew Chapter 11 verse 28 in the… Read More

36. Grace, Grace, and More Grace.

St Paul. The word Grace simply means God is in his sheer mercy forgives us our sins even though we don't deserve to… Read More

37. There is nothing that can separate us from the Love of God.

"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor other heavenly rulers, neither what exists nor what is coming, neither… Read More

38. Total Submission to the will of God.

"Yet-not what I want, but what you want!" (Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane Matthew chapter 26 verse 39 in the Jewish New… Read More

39. Dear God

Please grant me this desire, Let my life be a prayer before you. Let my thoughts be a prayer before you. Let my… Read More

40. The Story of Hope. Rahab the Prostitute.

This is the amazing story of God's goodness to Rahab the prostitute. There were two spies who were sent from the Israelite camp… Read More

41. A Prayer for Healing

The name of Jesus is very powerful. It is the name above every other name. Everything in creation bows down before his name. Please recite… Read More

42. God is love

Jesus said, "The most important commandment is this: "Hear, O Israel the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your… Read More

43. Jesus is the Light of the World

The man born blind-The question of suffering.  “Jesus saw a man who was born blind at birth. His disciples asked him, Rabbi, who sinned… Read More

44. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Saying, I am the Good Shepherd, Follow Me, And I will Make All Things New

There are many voices that daily call out to us saying, follow me. These may be the voices of materialism, selfishness, alcohol, drugs,… Read More

45. Jesus Has Arrived!

Jesus was born in Bethlehem. His mother Mary could not find room anywhere to give birth to her first son. Jesus’ birth was… Read More

46. Peace on Earth

Dear God in Heaven(Please help me to know you).I honour your name(Please teach me to respect your name).I welcome your Kingdom(Please teach me… Read More

47. Total Security at the Feet of God

“Cast all your anxiety on God because he cares about you.”(Peter chapter 5 Verse 7 in the Good News Bible). Come into the… Read More

48. Amazing Grace (how sweet the sound)That Saved a Wretch Like Me!

Amazing Grace is one of the all time favourite hymns. It is sung on almost every big occasion, Cup Finals, Weddings, Births and Funerals… Read More

49. The Amazing Story of Joseph.

This is a remarkable story of God’s goodness to a man named Joseph. Joseph had disappointments in his life but God was able to turn… Read More

50. Why don’t you talk to me God?

Dear God,I keep talking to you everyday but you do not answer me.I keep telling you my troubles but you do not hear… Read More

51. In the beginning God…

A prayer for Healing God was there in the beginning...God is there now... and God will be there at the end of time.... He… Read More

52. God is Unseen

God is unseenYetHe sees everything I do.God is unseenYetHe hears every word I say.God is unseenYetHe knows what I am thinking.God is unseenYetHe… Read More

53. I Place Myself in the Potter’s Hands

“So I went down to the potter’s house, and I saw him working at the wheel. But the pot he was shaping from… Read More

54. The God Who Restores Broken Dreams

Elisha and the Shunammite Woman Elisha was a holy man of God. One day he went to a city called Shunem.  A Shunammite woman… Read More

55. The Amazing Forgiveness of Jesus

Jesus, and the woman caught in the act of adultery A group of men had just caught a woman in the act of committing… Read More

56. God is Light; in Him there is no Darkness At All

(1 John Chapter 1 Verse 5.Good News Bible.) Please download your divine life into my life. PrayerDear God,Please download your heart into my heart.Please download your mind into my mind.Please… Read More

57. God Looks Beyond Our Sin

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” And they divided up his clothes by casting lots. (Luke Chapter 23… Read More

58. Those who Trust in God will not be disappointed

“God heard the prayer of Hannah. “In the bitterness of her soul Hannah wept much and prayed to the Lord. And she made… Read More

59. Moses a friend of God.

The Israelites had been slaves in Egypt for over 500 years. They were being treated with brutality by the Egyptians and forced to… Read More

60. God is pleased with the man

God is pleased with the manWho does not keep friendship with those who mock GodOr walks along side those who want to do wrongOr laughs… Read More

61. A Sacrifice Pleasing to God Cain and Abel

“Now Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil. In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil… Read More

62. The door to heaven has been opened

"For while we were still helpless, at the right time, the Messiah died on behalf of ungodly people."(Romans chapter 5 verse 6. The… Read More

63. A beautiful Act of True Repentance and Worship

Jesus was eating a meal at the house of a top religious leader of his day, when a woman who had lived a very… Read More

64. Entering into the presence of a Holy God

Lord who may enter into your holy presence?A person who does what is pleasing in your sightA person who upholds the truthIn his heart.He desires… Read More

65. I Want to Follow Jesus

Riches in Heaven or riches on earthA rich young man came to Jesus and said, “Good Sir, what must I do to be sure that after… Read More

66. Lord who is my neighbour?

The beautiful story of care and loveThe Good Samaritan A religious man came to Jesus and said to him, “Lord who is my neighbour?”Jesus looked at him… Read More

67. St Paul “But one thing I do:Forgetting what is behind and straining towards What is ahead.”

(Philippians Chapter 3 Verse 13) St. Paul understood the true meaning God’s love and forgiveness.  He did not let his past get in the way… Read More

68. Life after death The story of the Rich man and Lazarus

There was a poor man named Lazarus who sat outside the mansion of the rich man begging. The rich man enjoyed great privileges.… Read More

69. The Blazing Furnace

And the Three men who refused to Disobey GodShadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Nebuchadnezzar built a gold image which was ninety feet high and nine… Read More

70. Who do you turn to when life hurts?

God is my refuge and strength.(Psalm 46 in the Good News Bible) A refuge is a place of safety. It is a place… Read More

71. I lay my life at the Altar.

An altar is a place of worship.It is a place where we meet with God. It is a place where holiness and purity dwell.… Read More

72. Embrace the teachings of Jesus

The meaning of True Seva (Seva means serving others) Jesus said, “I say to you, what are you doing that is different if you… Read More

73. Jesus gave up his position as God and came to Earth As a Baby.

"Mary wrapped Jesus in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn."(Luke Chapter 2… Read More

74. Jesus said, I was Hungry

I was hungryAnd You gave me something to eat.I was coldAndYou welcomed me into your home.I was cryingAndYou wiped away my tears.I was nakedAndYou… Read More

75. God’s Divine Purposes Are Being Worked Out In The Midst of Life’s Chaos

God’s divine purposes are being worked out in our lives but often we cannot see them.God can see what the human eyes cannot see. This… Read More

76. Let me be a living Sacrifice to You.

St. Paul realised that God had been good to him. He concluded that the best way to respond to God's goodness was to offer himself completely to… Read More

77. The Moment of Truth

A Time to make a DecisionElijah said to the people,“If my God is God then serve himIf Baal is God then serve himBut do not waver between two opinions.”… Read More

78. I give myself to Jesus

I give myself to the name of Jesus                 It is the name above every other name.Even the angels in heaven bow down before it.The name… Read More

79. To share with others is a risk worth taking

The story of the Widow and Elijah.(The story of Elijah and the widow is found in the Bible in Kings Chapter 17 Verses… Read More


You shall have no other gods Before Me.For I the Lord your God, am A Jealous God.Exodus Chapter 20 Verse 3-4 We do… Read More

81. The little boy who gave Jesus his all

Five loaves and two fishes.(This story is found in the Good News Bible Matthew Chapter 14 Verses 13-21.) A large crowd had followed Jesus.… Read More

82. Unconditional Love

Hosea had been asked to demonstrate in real life God’s unconditional love for the people of Israel. The people of Israel had a history of… Read More

83. Psalm 15.

Who may enter the presenceOf God? A person who walks rightly before GodWho always speaks the truthWho does not criticise othersHe does no wrong to his… Read More

84. Where would you find God?

Elijah was feeling dejected and overwhelmed by what had happened. He had served God wholeheartedly. He was now the only prophet left the others had… Read More

85. A Prayer for 2016.

“Even though I walk through the valley Of the shadow of death. I will fear no evil For you are with me.”This verse is… Read More

86. God is our loving Father in a world of Broken Dreams.

God is close to the broken-hearted And saves those who are Crushed in Spirit.(The Good News Bible Psalm 34 Verse 18). We live… Read More

87. The Ultimate Sacrifice.

“Look, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the World!”(John Chapter 1 Verse 29 Good News Bible) It is hard… Read More

88. Jesus a Friend of Sinners.

“Your Sins Are Forgiven”.(Luke Chapter 9 Verse 48). Jesus had been invited to a meal by a religious leader at his house. Jesus arrived… Read More

89. Courage and True Faith in God In the midst of Crisis

“Daniel and the Den of Lions. God had blessed Daniel with outstanding abilities which enabled him to be outstanding in his job in the… Read More

90. Peter cried out,“Lord save Me I am Sinking!”

Jesus came walking on the water to his disciples who were in the boat. The disciples became terrified. They cried out loudly, “It’s a… Read More

91. St Paul

I have put my trust in Jesus And I know that he is able To take care of everything that I have trusted… Read More

92. God is Love

Love Never Gives Up God is LoveLove Never Gives UpLove will never give up. It believes to the end. It believes Good will overcome evil. It stands by the Truth. Love thinks of putting others… Read More

93. The Bigger Picture The story of Jonah – God is in Control

God said to Jonah, “Go and preach against the great city of Nineveh because its wickedness has come before me.” But Johan decided not… Read More

94. The Rich Fool

Sharing what we have with those In need Or keeping it for ourselves? Jesus told a story of a man who had a farm.… Read More

95. Jesus or the world.

Christmas 2016-11-04, Who will You ChooseJesus – the Bread of Life? orThe glamour and glitter of this World? Today we live in a… Read More

96. A Prayer for 2017.

Jesus said,"DO NOT FEARI HAVE YOU IN THE PALM OF MY HANDS" As we enter 2017, we will all have worries about our… Read More

97. Pin Downed.

CORNERED JONAH The story of Jonah is about man who God has to pin down to follow his instructions. Often we can be like Jonah and go… Read More

98. A Life Set Apart For God Samson

A man named Manoah had a wife who could not have children.  One day an angel of God appeared to his wife and… Read More


I WILL HONOUR HIM BACK Dear God, I honour you with my body I honour you with my mind I honour you with… Read More

100. GOD

CONSECRATED YOU FOR HIMSELF BEFORE YOU WERE BORN. One of the greatest human needs is to be Known And Loved by God. God… Read More

101. A Second Chance With God is what I Am Asking For.

Dear Lord, Please be kind to me. I am asking for a second chance with you. A second chance to make things work… Read More

102. Jesus

A man of Sorrows Acquainted with Grief. Jesus was God He came to Earth as a man But we took no notice of… Read More

103. The Moment Jesus Of Nazareth Stopped for the The Blind Man.

Jesus said to him “What can I do for you?” Jesus of Nazareth was approaching Jericho with crowds of people following him. There… Read More

104. I Place Myself in the Hands of my Heavenly Father.

Jesus was the first person to introduce God as Our Heavenly Father. This was a revolutionary teaching. It completely changed the concept of… Read More

105. I put my hand in the hand Of the man who calmed The troubled seas

Jesus and his disciples were in a boat crossing to the other side of the lake. Jesus was asleep in the corner of… Read More

106. A life Pleasing to God.

Dear God I present my life To you As an offering On your altar. It is no longer my life. I am now… Read More

107. The Storm

Last night an angel of the God whose I am and whom I serve stood beside me. He said, “Paul, Don’t be afraid,… Read More

108. It was always about following Jesus

" It was always about following Jesus Thing.”    A rich young ruler came to Jesus and said to him, “Good Teacher, What… Read More

109. St. Paul

Snatched by the Mercy of God A defining moment. Who are you Lord? I am Jesus whom you Persecute. Saul was on his… Read More

110. Let God weigh me on the scales of Justice.

Scales of Truth And Know ME. Let God search my thoughts Let God search my heart Let God search my mind Let God… Read More

111. The Criminal on the Cross

“Today you will Be in Paradise with  Me.” On the cross with Jesus two criminals were being crucified. One on his right hand side… Read More

112. I honour you

A Pledge to God.  God says, He who honours me I will honour him back. Dear Holy Father I honour you with my… Read More

113. Saint Paul I have no confidence in the flesh.

Where is Your Trust? St Paul said, “I have no confidence in the Flesh Therefore I have given up everything For Jesus.” St… Read More

114. A Man Healed At Pool of Bethesda.

In all things God Works for Good to those Love him and are Called according to his purpose. As we approach 2022, the… Read More

115. Jesus and the Chief Tax Collector

Jesus and the Chief Tax Collector Zacchaeus Jesus was passing through Jericho and the crowds had gathered to see him.  There was a… Read More

116. God specialises in bringing good out of evil.

Naaman the Leper and the Young servant girl. Naaman was a commander of the army of King of Aram. Naaman was regarded highly… Read More

117. The Writing on the Wall

King Belshazzar gave a party where he invited a thousand of his friends.  At the party there was large amount of wine being… Read More

118. Peter said, to the man who was born cripple, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Be healed and walk.”

Peter and John were going to the temple to pray at 3’o clock in the afternoon which was their usual practice. As they… Read More

119. The prophet Hosea-Great demonstration of Unconditional Love.

Hosea had been asked to demonstrate in real life God’s unconditional love for the people of Israel. The people of Israel had a… Read More

120. The Greatest Human Need is to be Right with God. Psalm 51.

Have Mercy on Me According to your unfailing Love According to your Great Mercy Wipe away my sins Wash away all my evil.… Read More

121. “I will honour him who honours me?” Says God. Daniel chose not to compromise.

Jerusalem had been sieged. Daniel and his friends had been taken into captivity to Babylon. They were thrown into Babylonian Culture which had… Read More

122. Alignment with God. Jesus said, “Indeed, what will it benefit a person if he gains the whole world but forfeits his life.”

(Mark chaper 8 verse 36 in the Jewish New Testament) Dear God, Please align my every thought with your thought, Please align my… Read More

123. Anxiety, Faith and Fear. “Lord open my eyes that I may see you and not my problems.”

Elisha a man of God was in Israel. He was mightily used by God. Each time the Syrians planned an attack into Israel.… Read More

124. Faith is stepping out and trusting God in the dark.

Jesus had been busy all day healing and preaching to the people. He told his disciples to get into the boat and go… Read More

125. The moment Jesus called Peter the fisherman to follow him.

Peter and his friends had been fishing all night and had not caught anything.  Peter was hungry, tired and fed up. He said… Read More

126. When Moses thought it was all over, God appeared to him.

Moses was eighty years old when God appeared to him. He was at a stage in his life when he did not have… Read More

127. They focused on their God Who was more powerful than their circumstances.

King Nebuchadnezzar made an image of gold, ninety feet high and nine feet wide.  He demanded for his image to be worshipped. Nebuchadnezzar… Read More

128. Meeting God in the wilderness.

Jesus full of the Holy Spirit was taken into the wilderness for forty days and nights he did not eat anything. (Luke Chapter… Read More

129. Put your hand in God’s Hand.

Abraham and Sarah were very old and they had no children. When Sarah was told by an angel of God she was pregnant. … Read More


                                                      We all have worries about our health, our families, maybe our employment, paying bills, the rent or the mortgage, or whether… Read More

131. Cornered.

      The end of the road The Parting of the Red Sea. “Have you ever felt Cornered in life with no one to… Read More

132. St Paul.

I have put my trust in Jesus  And I know that he is able To take care of everything that            I have… Read More

133. Jesus

Just As I Am With No Righteousness of my own I Come    I can come no other way. Two men went to… Read More

134. Jesus appears to Sundar Singh

Sundar Singh was born into a rich Sikh family. His mother was a godly woman who daily prayed to God. She also helped… Read More


I want to give Jesus my all. The Widow Who Gave Her  All to God Jesus went to the temple and he saw… Read More


Surrender I give back to God What he first gave to me “My life.” Amen By harbajan (servant of Jesus) www.godislove.me.uk 5/10/2018. Read More

137. The Angel Gabriel Appeared to Mary and said,

“You have been highly Favoured By God Do Not Be Afraid. The Lord is with you.” God sent the angel Gabriel from Heaven… Read More

138. “But I Press on to take hold of that for

Which Christ Jesus took hold of me. But One Thing I do: Forgetting what is behind And straining towards what is ahead." St… Read More

139. “What must I do to be saved?”

“Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ "You and Your family will be saved.” Paul and Silas were going to a place of Prayer. They were met by… Read More

140. The unbelievable Mercy of God. 

Manasseh King of Judah.  The story of Manasseh is about a king who did very wicked things before God. The amazing thing is… Read More

141. Prayer for 2023.

The safest place in this world is to be with God. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not rely on… Read More

142. The Challenge of Job.

“Though he slay me                    Yet will I trust Him.” (Job in the Bible.) Trusting in God is very easy when everything falls into… Read More

143. Life

“He who saves his life  Will lose it but he who gives up  His life for God will find it.” (Matthew 16.25) The way… Read More

144. A Woman Healed of haemorrhages.

For twelve years this woman had suffered from haemorrhages. Twelve years is along time to suffer from a bleed and have no hope… Read More

145.    Joshua

                         Whom will you choose to serve this day? “Choose whom you will serve this day. As for me and my household we… Read More

146. The God Who Gave up       

Everything for me. I ask myself why is it difficult for people to understand that God could give up his power and glory… Read More

147. “Lord how many times must I forgive?”

The big question today is how many times do I need to forgive someone who wrongs me? The human mind is limited when… Read More

148. The Ten Lepers.

Ten Lepers came to Jesus. They stood at a distance. It is interesting that the Lepers did not come near Jesus. Leprosy in… Read More

149. The Holiness of God.

                          The Ideal Community. The Politicians talk about the community but does it really exist today? A community is born out of… Read More

150. Do not overcome evil with evil

But overcome evil with good. (Romans Chapter 12 Verse 21). The way of the world appears to be an eye for an eye… Read More

151. The Rich Mercy of God.

“Blessed are the merciful For they shall Obtain mercy.” (Matthew 5:7) Today our world needs mercy more than anything else. We need mercy… Read More

152. Jesus said, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again.”

(John Chapter 4:13-14) Jesus came to a town in Samaria called Sychar. Jacob’s well was there, Jesus was tired from the journey and… Read More

153. The Sin of Pride.

Danial chapter 4 It is interesting that in our modern world we don’t consider pride to be a sin.  People will boast and… Read More

154. We place ourselves in our Father’s Hands.

Psalm 23. The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures: leadeth me beside… Read More

155. Jesus

A Man of Sorrows. (Isaiah 53) We live in a world where people want to display their position, power and strength. Today there… Read More

156. David

A Man after God’s Own Heart. God said of David, “He is a man after my own heart.” He had a hunger, a… Read More