Courage and True Faith in God In the midst of Crisis

“Daniel and the Den of Lions.

God had blessed Daniel with outstanding abilities which enabled him to be outstanding in his job in the Government. The King was so impressed with Daniel’s work that he decided put him in charge of the whole country but some of the King’s officials became jealous and decided to set a trap for him.
The officials wanted to find some fault with Daniel so that they could accuse him of wrong doing. They looked into Daniel’s whole business affairs but could not find any corruption in him. They decided that the only way they were going to find anything wrong with Daniel was to do with his faith in his God.
So they approached the King and said to him, “Long live your Majesty, We suggest that you put out a decree stating that for the next thirty days, everyone should bow before you and no one else or any other god. And if anyone does not bow down before you they should be thrown into the lions’ den and the decree should not be altered.” The king agreed to this and said the decree would not be altered for thirty days.
Daniel heard of the decree that had been issued. As was his normal practice three times a day, he went to his room, facing Jerusalem he knelt down before his God and gave thanks to him.
The King’s officials saw this and reported it back to the King. “Your Majesty, we have seen that Daniel bows down before another god and has broken your decree. Your decree stated that anyone who bows before any other god would be thrown into the lions’ den.”
When the King heard this he was very sad but he could not go back on his word. He tried to rescue Daniel but he could not do it.
Daniel was called and thrown into the lions’ den. During the night the King could not sleep, he did not eat nor did he request any entertainment. At the first sight of dawn, the King went to the lions’ den and shouted, “Daniel has the God you serve so faithfully rescued you from the lions?”
Daniel answered, “Your Majesty, I was found innocent in my God’s eyes and he rescued me from the lions. My God shut the mouths of the lions.”
Daniel was pulled out of the lions’ den and there were no marks on him. The king had the officials who had accused Daniel thrown into the lions’ den and they were all crushed and eaten.
Daniel was promoted to be a leader of the country. The King issued a decree stating that every one of every race should only bow before the God of Daniel.
So often circumstances in our own lives seem out of our control. Just as they were in Daniel’s life. As with Daniel, it is only the power of God that can change things. We can also call out to God of Daniel for his divine intervention to change things in our own lives. We often cannot see it but God is at work in our lives working out all things according to his divine will. (The story of Daniel as told in the Bible is found in the Book of Daniel Chapter 6)

Dear God,
I bow down before the God of Daniel.
I worship you alone,
There is no other God,
You are the true God
I call out for your divine intervention
In my life.
I ask this in Jesus name.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 10/09/2015