Jesus may visit us …disguised as a stranger

Whenever you cared for someone else – ‘you did it to me’ (Matthew 25 The Message)

Jesus may visit us disguised as a stranger… 

He could be any of the following people. 

Jesus could be a person sleeping rough in an underpass on a very cold winter’s night as there is no room in any of the hostels.   He is simply sleeping in a sleeping bag with nothing to eat and he is very cold.

Jesus could be a person struggling to sell The Big Issue on the high street as he has no other means of income. 

Jesus could be a child born in the slums of Sudan who is crying in his mother’s arms because he is so hungry, and there is no food to feed him.   There are tears rolling down the mother’s cheeks as she knows that the child will die unless he is fed.

Jesus could be an elderly person sitting alone in a flat on the sixteenth floor in a tower block in Newtown – who only has sandwiches to eat and no one to visit him.

Jesus may visit us disguised as a stranger…   

So look out for him!

The question is how we will respond when he comes?

Dear Lord,

Please help me

To see Your face

In each person

I meet today

In Jesus Name


By Harbajan (Servant of Jesus) 02-04-2010