The Story of Hope. Rahab the Prostitute.

This is the amazing story of God’s goodness to Rahab the prostitute. There were two spies who were sent from the Israelite camp to spy on Jericho to help the Israelites invade the city.

When the two spies arrived in Jericho, they had to take shelter from the enemy and Rahab hid them in her own home. When the enemy arrived she told them they had gone but truth was she had hidden them. Rahab knew that the Israelites would invade Jericho and kill all the people in it.

As the spies were about to leave, Rahab declared her faith in God and made a deal with them.

She said to them. “I have shown you kindness, Please show kindness to my family and to me when you take over this land. I know your God is the true God. He is the God of Heaven and Earth and all that is in them. We heard how he parted the Red Sea and let your people go through it and when the Egyptian army tried to follow after your people to kill them, the Red Sea closed on them and they were all drowned. When we heard this story we were overcome with a great sense of fear.”

The spies said to her, “We give you our word, when we take over Jericho, you and your family will be spared”.

That is exactly what happened. When the Israelites invaded Jericho, Rahab and her family and all who belonged to her were saved. Everyone else was killed. Rahab then joined the Israelite Camp and she was no longer a prostitute.

So what does this story teach us today:-

Today God is looking out for people who put their faith in him. Rahab the prostitute had great moral failures but this did not stop God from using her. God honoured her faith in him. The good news for you and me is that God will honour whatever faith we have in him – in spite of our moral failures. He is truly a Good God. Also God will show kindness to those who show kindness to others.
(The complete story of Rahab is found in the Bible in the Old Testament in the Book of Joshua Chapters 2 and 6).

Dear God
I believe you are the creator of Heaven and Earth and all that is in them.
Thank you my moral failures do not stop you from using me.
Thank you that my faith in you is far more important to you than my moral failures.
Please be kind to me and my family.
I ask this in Jesus name,

By Harbajan (Servant of Jesus) 2-06-2011