To share with others is a risk worth taking

The story of the Widow and Elijah.
(The story of Elijah and the widow is found in the Bible in Kings Chapter 17 Verses 7 to 24)

There was a great famine in the land. God said to Elijah I have instructed a widow to give you food to eat. I want you to go to Zarephath of Sidon. Elijah arrived a Zarephath and he saw a widow collecting small pieces of wood for the fire.

Elijah said to her, “Please give me something to eat and drink?” The widow replied, “I barely have enough flour and oil for one meal. This is for my son and myself. This would be our last meal before we die.”

Elijah said to her, “Go to your home and prepare a meal but give me the first portion to eat. “God has told me that you and your son would not go hungry. There will always be food for you both.”

The widow did as Elijah had instructed her. She used the flour and the oil and prepared a meal. She gave the first portion of the meal to Elijah. But then a miracle took place there was enough food for the widow and her son for every day. The widow and her son did not go hungry.

One day the widow’s son became ill and died. The widow said to Elijah, “look my son has died, man of God did you come to remind me of my sins?”

Elijah prayed to God and asked the widow to give him her son. He took the boy in his arms to the upper room where he was staying. He laid the boy on his bed and cried out to God, “Lord please bring this boy back to life.”

Elijah then stretched himself over the boy three times and the boy began to breathe. Elijah picked up the boy who was now alive and took him and gave him to his mother.” I now know you are truly a man of God.” said the widow.

The widow would have been devastated by the death of her only son. He would have been her only means of income when he had grown up and a way out of poverty. God felt her loss and raised her son back to life.

We fear we will lose out if we share what we have with others but that is not the truth. The widow took a risk when she shared the only food she had with Elijah and she was blessed by God for her giving.

She was given food for each day and her son was raised to life. When we share with others we may be taking a risk but God will bless us. To share with others is a risk worth taking…….

Dear God
      Teach me to share what I have
With others
Help me to know when I share with others.
I am not going to lose out.
I ask this in Jesus name.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 17/05/2015