Unconditional Love

Hosea had been asked to demonstrate in real life God’s unconditional love for the people of Israel. The people of Israel had a history of turning away from their God to other gods. God called this spiritual adultery.

God tells the prophet Hosea to get married. Hosea gets married and after while his wife becomes unfaithful to him. She goes after other men. This must have really hurt Hosea. Just as God was hurt when the people of Israel turned to other gods.

God said to Hosea show love for your wife even though she is loved by another. Love her as the Lord loves the people of Israel although they have turned their backs on me and turned to other gods. So Hosea finds his wife and buys her back from an adulterous relationship. He paid fifteen shekels for her.

This was unconditional love in action. Hosea demonstrated what God was feeling towards the people of Israel although they had been unfaithful to him he was prepared to buy them back- at any cost.

Although we have been unfaithful to God. He has paid a price to bring us back to himself. God offered Jesus as a pure sacrifice to be punished in the place of sinners.

Unconditional love is to love someone who does not love us back or even gives us a thought. We did not love God but he loved us at our worst and paid the price to bring us back to himself. Jesus died in place of sinners. God has demonstrated true unconditional love towards us.

God is able to reach us in our sin-no matter how deep it is and pull us out. That is unconditional love…… (The story of Hosea is found in the Bible in the Old Testament)

Dear Jesus,
I am a sinner
You have loved me at my worst.
When I did not think about you
You thought of me
And stood in my place
And you were punished because
Of my sins.
Thank you my friend.

Amen By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 30/06/2015