Why don’t you talk to me God?

Dear God,
I keep talking to you everyday but you do not answer me.
I keep telling you my troubles but you do not hear me,
Please tell me why?
I have said, “I am sorry for the wrong things I have done, and I have asked for your forgiveness.”
Please delete all my sins so that they are vanished from your eyes forever.
I am now trying to live according to your rules, but still you do not answer me.
Please God give me a break.  You have a reputation of keeping your word.
My friends laugh at me and say your God does not hear you,
Please prove them wrong.
You care for those no one else cares for.
You stand alongside those who are looked down on by society.  Please stand by my side.
Please don’t let my life come to a quick end.
Please answer me.
Please help me.
In Jesus name
(David in the Old Testament in the Bible wrote many Psalms similar to this prayer).

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 22-01-2010