One of the greatest human needs is to be Known And Loved by God.

God said to the prophet Jeremiah, Before You Were Born, I Knew You, I Consecrated You, I Set You Apart, To Be a Prophet to the Nations.” Even before the creation of the world, God knew Jeremiah and consecrated him. One of the greatest human needs is to be known by God and to be loved by him. God knew Jeremiah even before he was born. God knew everything about him and loved him.

“So what about you and me today?” God’s knowledge of us is quite incredible. He knows us completely. God formed us in our mother’s womb. God loved you and me when he saw us in our mother’s womb.

God knew the mistakes we would make in our lives and yet he still chose to set us apart for himself?  God has stamped you and I with his authority and nothing can pluck us out of his hands. This is divine love.  But we have to do our part of the bargain.

Consecration is a commitment to God. It is a beginning of a process when we begin to seek God with our hearts and desire to put him first in our lives. To be consecrated is a desire and a wish to separate ourselves from the values of this world and take on the values of Jesus.  God has already consecrated us to himself but we must cultivate that desire within us to be consecrated to him.  (The story of Jeremiah is found in the Old Testament in the Bible).


Dear God

Before I was born

You knew me

You formed me in my mother’s womb.

I do not understand your ways,

You set me apart for you,

Even when you knew the mistakes I would make

In my life,

Yet you still chose me.

I now consecrate my life to you,

Help me now to serve you,

And you alone.

I ask this in Jesus name.


By Harbajan (servant of Jesus)