The Storm

Last night an angel of the God whose I am and whom I serve stood beside me. He said, “Paul, Don’t be afraid, God has granted you The lives of all who sail with you.”

This is a story about God being in total control of circumstances in Paul’s life. You and I do not know the future but God knows it.

Paul was a prisoner on a ship because of his faith in Jesus.He and other prisoners were put on a Ship that was set to sail for Rome. The ship begun to encounter difficulties because a fierce storm began to take place.

Paul had warned the centurion of the ship that they would encounter difficulties if they undertook this journey as it was winter, but he did not listen to him.

The captain of the ship and his sailors were wresting with the storm to the point they feared their lives would be lost.  The storm was so bad that the men on the ship had not seen the sun nor stars for days.

Paul stood up and said to the captain of the ship. The God whom I serve and worship sent an angel last night who stood by me and said, “Not a single hair or a life will be lost of those who sail with you. But there would be a loss of cargo and the ship.”

Paul said to the men, “Men please take courage as I believe what my God has told me. Please eat as you will all need your strength to survive this journey. In the midst of the storm, Paul took the bread and gave thanks to God and they all ate.

Afterwards the sailors threw the cargo over board to lighten the ship.  When the sailors eventually saw a bay of land they wanted to jump ship but Paul said to the men, “You must not jump ship in order for us all to stay alive.”

The sailors also wanted to kill all the prisoners on the ship including Paul but the centurion wanted to keep Paul alive.

The ship hit a rock and crashed. All the sailors swam on to the shore. They had arrived on the island of Malta. There was not a single hair or any lives lost.

It was exactly as God had said. God was completely in control of every detail of the storm and the shipwreck. However, all the sailors on the ship had to obey the instruction they had been given to stay alive.

We can take a lot of comfort from this story as Jesus said, Our Heavenly Father knows us so well that he has counted every single hair on our heads. We need to come to our Heavenly Father with the storms in our lives. All the storms in our lives are under his control. (This story is found in the Bible in the Book of Acts Chapter 24)


Dear Heavenly Father,

My Father

My God

I hand over my life to you

I put my trust in you

You are in control of the circumstances in my life.

Amen. 03/02/18

By harbajan-(servant of Jesus)