A Woman Healed of haemorrhages.

For twelve years this woman had suffered from haemorrhages. Twelve years is along time to suffer from a bleed and have no hope of finding a cure. The bleeding must have caused her pain and stopped her from socialising with others.  This was really a desperate situation. She had spent all her money on doctors but still she had not been cured.

There are times in our own lives when we can get so desperate because of our situation or an illness and we spend all our money to find a cure but nothing happens.

Jesus was walking through the city. He was surrounded by crowds of people.  This woman thought  to herself if only I touch Jesus’ garment I would be healed. She pushed through the crowds and touched Jesus’ garments. At that very moment she was healed of her illness.

Jesus asked, “Who touched my garment as I felt power go out of me?” His disciples replied, “Master many people are pushing against you, it is hard to say who touched you .”  The woman being afraid came forward and said, “ It was me Master”.

“Go daughter your faith has healed you”, replied Jesus.

That moment of desperation led that woman to Jesus. It is only when everything else has failed we turn to Jesus. Jesus is a hope when there is no hope.

  Lord Jesus

I come to you.

Please heal me completely

Please heal my mind, my body and my soul. Amen.


by harbajan (servant of Jesus). www.godislove.me.uk