The Ten Lepers.

Ten Lepers came to Jesus. They stood at a distance. It is interesting that the Lepers did not come near Jesus. Leprosy in those days was untreatable and very contagious. Lepers were socially isolated and verbally abused. It was a very lonely life and they had colonies of their own.  Leprosy completely disfigured people and they were treated as outcasts. The ten Lepers must have heard that Jesus healed people. They must have experienced the holiness of Jesus as they stood at a distance.

They shouted, “Jesus master have mercy on us.” It was a simple request. Jesus never turns anyone away who comes to him. Jesus did not talk to the Lepers about their past but accepted them. The mercy of God is immense in this story.

When Jesus saw them, he said to them, “Go and let the priest examine you.” The Lepers made their way to see the priest. They were completely healed and this was a miracle. They had to step out in faith and believe what Jesus had said to them. They must have been amazed when they saw their disfigured hands being made whole again. The delight on their faces must have been extraordinary.

There were ten Lepers but one came back to thank Jesus. Jesus asked, “There were ten Lepers healed but only one came to give thanks to God. “Where are the other nine?”

Giving thanks to God is important when we have been healed or brought through some difficult situation. Jesus welcomes everyone regardless of their past. (The story of the Ten Lepers is found in Luke 17:11-19).


                   Lord Jesus

                     Have mercy on me.



                       By harbajan (servant of Jesus)