The Holiness of God.

                          The Ideal Community.

The Politicians talk about the community but does it really exist today? A community is born out of love, care and dedication. The early Christian believers were a small group of people who gave us a model of what a community should look like. This group of people lived in total honesty and practised the presence of God in their daily lives. They met daily in homes to share God’s word and pray. Some of the believers sold their lands and laid their money at the feet of the apostles. Such was the impact of the group that no one lacked anything. The outsiders saw that there was something very special in this group of people who were prepared to risk everything for their faith. Why can’t we have a community today where people are committed to each other and no one lacks anything?

A man named Ananias with his wife Sapphira sold a piece of property. Ananias kept some of the money with the knowledge of his wife and put the rest at the apostles’ feet. When Ananias arrived, Peter asked him, “The property belonged to you before it was sold. But you have kept some of the money for yourself. You have lied to God and not to men”. At hearing these words Ananias fell down and died.

Three hours later Sapphira arrived, Peter asked her, “Is this the money you got for selling the land?” “Yes”, replied Sapphira. Peter said, “Why have you lied to God. The land and the property were yours and you did not need to lie to us. The men who carried your husband’s body will now come and take your body.” At that moment Sapphira fell down dead.

We may be shocked with the outcome of this story but the early believers were practising the presence of God and lie could no live in their presence.  At this stage the church needed to be a pure flame and no lies could be given space. Ananias and Sapphira saw that others in the group had sold their lands and given all their money to the apostles but they could not fully commit themselves to trusting God. When we completely put our trust in God and give up everything to follow him we are taking a risk but it is worth taking that risk! Remember position, power and money all disappear when we die.( The story early Christian church is found in the Book of Acts Chapter 2 in the Bible.)

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are holy.

Light your holy flame in my heart.

Let your truth live in me.

In Jesus name.